Spread Love, It's The Brooklyn Way
New York

Those who live in Williamsburg know very well the character of the Marcy Ave subway stop; the crowded subway platform, the deafening screeching subway trains, and the hagglers coupled with the best priced fresh juice and produce in Brooklyn (Mr. Pina), the best yoga studio (Laughing Lotus) and the confluence of just about all ethnicities you can imagine – from hipsters to Hasidics and everything in between. To some, it’s the only way to get to work, the bane of their existence, for many others it’s their home and place of work. Either way you cut it – Marcy Ave leaves an effect on all who pass through. Street Artist, Chris Riggs decided to bring some light to the scene with his iconic Peace and Love layered mural pictured above.

As an international contemporary artist, Chris began creating the Peace and Love layered art style in 1988 in New York City and has painted them around the world from France to South Korea. Chris’s first commissioned job was in 1985, by then New York City Mayor Ed Koch, in a citywide art contest between all New York City Schools. As part of the winning prize, the Mayor distributed posters with Chris’s artwork on all trains and buses in New York City. This event kicked off Chris’s career as an artist and has been painting and drawing for a living every day since.

Chris believes that peace and love are the most important things in life, and his main goal is to bring those values to the world through his murals.

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